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System Introduction
       The dilution extraction-based ZE-CEM2000 continuous emission monitoring system is one of China’s first CEP-certified products. The system adopts high precision high dilution sampling technology. The SO2 concentration is measured with ultraviolet fluorescence method and NOx concentration measured with chemiluminescence method. It’s applicable to efficiency analysis of gas desulfurization system and industrial process monitoring in power, cement, steel and iron, petroleum and petrochemical, waste incineration and industrial furnace sectors.
Design Strengths  
      The sample gas is transmitted with positive pressure. The small amount of leakage in the sampling pipelines eliminates measurement errors caused by secondary gas dilution;
       No condensed water is generated, preventing faults resulting from acid condensed water corroding pipelines, enhancing operating reliability of the system and reducing operating and maintenance costs;
      A small extraction flow (typically 50ml/min) helps extend the service life of the filter; not susceptible to blockage, the dilution sampler requires low maintenance and guarantees high system stability;
       The system analyzer can measure NO and NO2 at the same time and monitor NOx. Without system upgrade, the system can meet the requirements of new CEMS76 standards.
Application Fields
      It’s widely used in the production process analysis and process control of cement, chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical industries;

      It’s also widely used in the online monitoring of power plants, waste incineration plants and industrial boilers and furnaces.

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